Nick Ochere’s Your Own People: Part 1:



Auntie Cornie, Joe’s aunt whom he stayed with during his secondary school days, had wanted him to marry Belinda, the daughter of a wealthy couple. This idea, according to Cornie, will make Joe rich. But Joe did not, because he wanted to break away from her influence.


When Joe finally married Evelyn and they could not have children for over six years, Auntie Cornie suggested that he divorce her and marry Serwaa, one of Cornie’s friends, but Joe would not do that.


After trying everything humanly possible without success, Cornie advised Serwaa to use voodoo on Joe and directed her to a spiritualist for help. The concoction that was meant for Joe to take his focus off Evelyn and love Serwaa ended up being eaten by Yaappiah, a mad man who now pursues Serwaa as his lover.


Your Own People: Part 2:



Serwaa’s life has become miserable because Yaappiah will not stop chasing her about as his wife. Koomotey suggests that the family consults a spiritualist to help solve Serwaa’s problem. When the family agrees, they give the required money to Koomotey, but he absconds with it with the intention of going to Gabon.


Meanwhile, after many years of scorn and pressure from Evelyn’s mother to divorce Joe, the couple still braves the storm until they are blessed with twins, a boy and a girl.


Pressure on Abusuapanin from Koomotey’s in-laws and Serwaa’s issue make him take refuge in Tweapiase where he impregnates Adwo, a cripple, young enough to be his granddaughter. Serwaa accuses Auntie Cornie of trying to destroy her life but Cornie maintains it was Serwaa’s greed that landed her in hot waters. The fracas leads to the two families being summoned to the palace, where Serwaa confesses their plot against Joe. In her attempt to run away from possible punishment, Auntie Cornie ends up in Nigeria, where Koomotey has also become stranded.